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1st Macao Medical Representatives' Training Programme Opening Ceremony cum Lecture 1

After 31 years of running the HKAPI Medical Representatives’ Training Programme in Hong Kong, the programme has for the very first time launched in Macao.

On 1 November 2018, about 50 people attended the programme’s opening ceremony cum first lecture at the Patient Resources Centre of Macao Kiang Wu Hospital, including Dr. Hok-cheung Ma (Hospital Director, Macao Kiang Wu Hospital), Dr. Carolina Ung (Lecturer, University of Macau), Mr. Peng-san Leong (Deputy Director, Pharmacy Department, Kiang Wu Hospital), Ms. Cecilia Kong (President, Macau Western Medicine Association) and Dr. Chi-veng Ho (Macau Psychiatric Association). HKAPI’s President Ms. Caroline Johnson and Board Member Dr. Grace Lau were also among the honourable guests.

The 40 students enrolled in the programme are mainly the Macao-based staffers of HKAPI member companies as well as local distributors. Dr. Ma and Ms. Johnson kicked started the evening with their welcoming remarks, followed by Dr. Ma and Dr. Ung’s lectures on the healthcare system and pharmaceutical system of Macao.

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