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HKAPI Representatives visited Nan Sha, Guangdong

Representatives from the GBA task force of the Hong Kong Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry recently participated in a two-day trip to Nan Sha, Guangdong, on March 16-17.

The trip was organized by GBAHK Medicine and Life Science Innovation (Hong Kong) Think Tank. It included visits to potential partners, such as Guangdong Medical Valley, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou), etc., and a meeting with Nan Sha government officials.

Nan Sha is an important part of the GBA and has been undergoing significant development in recent years. The Association saw this trip as an opportunity to gain insights into how Nan Sha is evolving and the role it plays in the development of the GBA.

We look forward to further collaborations and exchanges with stakeholders in the field.

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