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HKAPI Bowling Cup 2024

The long-awaited HKAPI Bowing Cup 2024 was held last Friday. Twenty-one teams with over 200 members came together for an evening friending competition and camaraderie. After a lengthy hiatus due to COVID-19, it was a triumph in bringing our industry together at Whampoa.
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HKAPI Basketball Tournament 2018-19

The HKAPI Basketball Tournament 2018-19 has finally come to an end on August 22 2019. The tournament has not only given our colleagues a chance to unite their team and boost their team morale, but also allowed us to know more about our peers from the industry from another perspective.
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HKAPI Annual Dinner 2019

Over 250 guests from the academia, healthcare professionals, our trade partners and the government’s medical top policymakers and administrators attended the Hong Kong Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry Annual Dinner 2019.
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