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Patient Support Program Workshop

Over 100 members joined the online Patient Support Program Workshop organized by the Affordability Task Force on 26 November afternoon.

Guests from patient groups, NGOs and healthcare organizations have been invited to share their views and experiences on Patient Support Programs (PSPs) from different perspectives. Ms Mary Wong (Chairman, Global Chinese Breast Cancer Organizations Alliance) shared examples of how PSPs could help ease patients’ burden financially and psychologically. She opined that PSPs would ensure patients’ affordability and accessibility to suitable treatments, and urged the industry members to run more innovative PSPs for patients. Mr Benjamin Kwong (Former Senior Pharmacist at Hospital Authority) then shared his experiences in running PSPs within the public healthcare system.

Representatives from NGOs and patient groups joined the Workshop as guest speakers.

The One Platform Directory is available on mobile app store and web version

After the sharing, Mr Decker Cheung (HKAPI One Platform Directory Working Group) updated the participants about the objective, functions and future development of the HKAPI One Platform Directory. The Platform provides access to the most updated and accurate information of PSPs from key pharmaceutical companies in Hong Kong. The session was followed by the advice and best practice sharing from NGOs to set up PSPs. Ms Eva Lam (Pharmacist, Philanthropic Community Pharmacy, St. James’ Settlement) and Ms S C Chiang (Director, The Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Care Foundation Ltd) shared the operation models of PSPs run by St. James’ Settlement and the Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Care Foundation respectively. They encourage the HKAPI members to discuss and explore innovative PSP models with them.

Last but not least, Mr Cecil Wong (Lead of the HKAPI Ethics & Compliance Task Force) briefed the members about the key considerations of running a PSP from a compliance perspective. 

Training materials have been uploaded to the Member’s Area.

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