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Code of Practice Train-the-Trainer Workshop 2023

More than 260 members, including senior management, marketers and medical staff, joined the Code of Practice Train-the-Trainer Online Workshop to get briefed by the Ethics and Compliance Working Group on the changes made to the Code.

The Ethics & Compliance Working Group briefed the members on the key changes in the 21st Edition Code of Practice, which were unanimously adopted by members in October 2022 at the HKAPI EGM.

The Working Group provided a deep dive into Section 6.3 by defining Promotional and Non-Promotional Items. The Group then present examples of Non-Promotional Items through a case study. Working Group members also shared a due diligence checklist, which is intended to serve as a basis for our member companies to make ethical business decisions.

We would like to thank our members for their active participation in the Workshop, and their support to the HKAPI Mission – To drive expedient access to innovative healthcare solutions for the people of Hong Kong and Macau with high ethical standards.

About HKAPI Code of Practice

First drafted in 1971, the HKAPI Code of Practice has been systematically updated in order to be responsive to the expectations of society. The Code and its supplementary guidelines, in accordance with internationally defined standards of good practice, are intended to serve as a basis for our member companies to make ethical decisions in their conduct of professional work and interactions with healthcare professionals and other stakeholders like medical societies and patient organizations. It also serves as a basis for judging formal complaints with respect to our professional ethical standards.

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