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An integrated and “People-orientated” annual dinner

If there is any guide to the future of Hong Kong medical system, take it from the theme of our annual dinner this year – integrated and people-oriented.
Over 230 guests attended our 48th annual event where distinguished physicians, pharmacists, scholars, business and trade met the government’s medical top policy makers and administrators.
This year we were delighted to have Mr. Patrick Nip, Permanent Secretary for Food and Health, as our guest of honor, to celebrate the New Year.
Margaret Rumpf, President of HKAPI said Hong Kong has a marvelous healthcare system that rivals many developed countries around the world. But we need to collaborate to lead the world in healthcare service delivery.
“ Our call for action is for a holistic integrated approach, to identify a health service model for primary care, and promote co-ordination of health services within the health sector, and multi-disciplinary, inter-sectoral collaboration,” she said.
“So when my mother goes to access the healthcare system, she has one authority overseeing her health needs, but being service by many sectors.”
Rumpf quoted Henry Ford’s saying that Coming together is a beginning, keep together is progress; working together is success”, stating the strength of our collaboration in Hong Kong is second-to-none around the world, which would shift our healthcare system to the next level.
Guest of honour Patrick Nip said the the Government has taken a holistic approach toward implementing various initiatives which range from strengthening the regulatory regime, enhancing the preventive and primary care system, public-private-partnership programmes, and to meeting the rising demands of healthcare services in our society.
He thanked the efforts of HKAPI to promote the Centralised Organ Donation Register, which has seen the sign-up members rose to 240,000, or a 16 per cent increase in the last six months.
Dr Sian Ng, Vice President of HKAPI, said the encouraging number of registered organ donors showed the Bureau played an important part in the promotional campaign, which is also a meaningful initiative for our members. Participating member companies were granted a certificate for their effort in promoting voluntary sign-ups.
This year dinner was also joined by Dr. Joseph Lee and Mr. Shiu Ka Fai, Legislative Councilors embracing healthcare, Dr. Cindy Lai, Deputy Director of Health, Ms Linda Woo, Assistant Director of Drug Office, Dr. Allen Cheung, Director, Cluster Services and his colleagues from Hospital Authority, Louise Ho, Assistant Commissioner of Custom and Excise, and Thomas Tsang, Assistant Director of Intellectual property Department among others.
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