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HKAPI Career Talk at HKU: Nurturing Biopharmaceutical Aspirations

The HKAPI HR Committee successfully hosted a career talk at the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong Kong, on 6 October 2023, themed ‘Why Should You Explore a Bio-Pharmaceutical Career?’. This event drew nearly 100 students majoring in Pharmacy, Biomedical Sciences, and related fields, sharing a profound understanding of the biopharmaceutical sector to help them explore careers in this industry.
The event commenced with an introduction to the biopharmaceutical sector. It led to a panel interview featuring three industry professionals from our member companies, Koey Ko, Walter Yung, and Stephen Or, with their diverse academic backgrounds and career trajectories showcasing the multifaceted career opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry. Together, they highlighted the industry’s significance to society, emphasizing its capacity to transform laboratory research into tangible patient benefits. Also, they shared insights into some key success factors, including maintaining a growth mindset, proactivity, and agility.
An insider’s sharing session featuring Jason Chan, a pharmacy graduate interning at one of the member companies, of his exposure to various functions within a pharmaceutical company, which enabled him to explore unforeseen career avenues, illustrating the boundless possibilities for students with a similar background.
Questions poured in during the Q&A sessions, spanning topics such as Hong Kong’s appeal to multinational pharmaceutical companies, the importance of academic knowledge within the sector, and the prospects of this sector in Hong Kong.
We thank Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong and its esteemed faculty members for their invaluable support and collaboration.
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