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The event was attended by over 30 students as well as honorable speakers. Macao Taskforce Sponsor Dr. Grace Lau, President Ms. Caroline Johnson, and class representative Ms. Karen Sio each delivered remarks to wrap up the course. The attending speakers have also been presented souvenirs of appreciation from Ms. Johnson. The students and guests were able to have more in-depth exchange at the networking lunch that followed the event.

The well-received Programme is the first of its kind in Macao, providing professional training to medical representatives to mainly Macao-based staff of HKAPI’s member companies, Macao Western Medicine Association’s member companies, as well as local pharmacists. Not only has the Programme imparted crucial knowledge to the students, but has also built an engagement platform for the students and the speakers. It has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from Macao stakeholders who appreciated HKAPI’s dedicated effort in enhancing the professional and ethical standard of the key players in the Macao healthcare system.

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