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HKAPI Code of Practice Train-the-Trainer Workshop Empowers Members with Updated Insights and Best Practices

Engaged members actively participate in the interactive case studies session, expressing their opinions by selecting ticks and crosses for specific cases.
We are excited to announce that the highly anticipated HKAPI Code of Practice Train-the-Trainer workshop was successfully held on the afternoon of 8 December, with an impressive turnout of approximately 80 members. The attendees represented various roles within the industry, including Medical, Compliance officers, and commercial professionals.
HKAPI Senior Executive Director Sabrina Chan delivers an opening speech, providing members with an overview of the established procedures for the revision of the HKAPI Code of Practice.
Working Group members Alan Chan and Kitty Leung engage members in an interactive session, discussing case studies related to Section 5 of the HKAPI Code of Practice.
During the workshop, participants delved into key sections of the HKAPI Code of Practice, specifically sections 5, 6, and 13. These sections were thoroughly explored, providing attendees with valuable insights and comprehensive guidance on the latest updates and best practices related to the Code of Practice.
Working Group members actively address participants' questions during the interactive Q&A session.
Ethics & Compliance Working Group members provide a briefing on frequently asked questions related to promotional and non-promotional items within Code of Practice Section 6.
The workshop offered an excellent opportunity for members to enhance their knowledge and skills in ensuring compliance within their respective companies. The interactive nature of the session facilitated engaging discussions, allowing members to ask meaningful questions and gain further clarity on Code-related matters.
Active member participation in the case studies session.
Working Group members attentively address members' inquiries regarding Section 13, focusing on interaction with patients and patient organizations.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants for their active involvement and contributions to the workshop’s success. We also express our appreciation to the trainers and facilitators who shared their expertise and helped create a dynamic and enriching learning experience for everyone involved.
Working Group co-lead Kenneth Choi emphasizes maintaining high ethical standards in the pharmaceutical industry in his closing remarks. The Code of Practice guides members in making ethical decisions to minimize risks.
Working group member Carrie Au provides practical guidance to members, walking them through different case scenarios and illustrating the principles.

As we continue to prioritize the highest standards of ethical conduct and professional integrity, the HKAPI remains committed to providing our members with relevant and up-to-date resources to support their compliance efforts. We look forward to hosting more insightful events and workshops in the future, further strengthening our collective commitment to maintaining the highest level of integrity within the industry.

Ethics & Compliance Working Group 2022-2024
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