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Drug Enlistment Task Force Sharing Session

Over 60 HKAPI members attended our webinar on 28 May where subject matter experts from the Drug Enlistment Task Force provide updates on the current HA drug enlistment system as well as the Macao enlistment system.

Task Force Sponsor Ms Peggy Fung welcomed members from the industry and briefed the audience about the task force’s objectives and achievements in the past year. Three sub-teams of the task force focused on the HA drug enlistment procedures, formulary expansion and Macao business environment respectively.

Ms Kammy Leung, Mr Solon Kao and Mr Stephen Or, members of sub team 1, provided an overview on the HA drug enlistment process and the task force’s proposed enhancement to expedite the process.

Ms Cheryl Ng, lead of the Drug Enlistment Task Force and member of the sub team 2, updated members on the feasibility of running different kinds of patient level tracking Patient Support Programs in the HA, and the development of outcome-based programs in the public sector. Her fellow teammate, Mr Paul Chong, explained the enlistment process and details for ultra-expensive drugs and innovative registered drugs with phase 2b data.

The Task Force is dedicated to increase the transparency and streamline the process of the drug enlistment system in public system.
The Macao sub-team provided an update of the Macao market access environment to HKAPI members.

Last but not least, Mr Paul Wong provided an overview of the Macao enlistment process and procedures, and introduced the upcoming Macao engagement plan of the HKAPI.

The HKAPI is grateful for member’s support and participation in the sharing session.

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