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Primary Healthcare Sharing Session held successfully

The Hong Kong Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (HKAPI) hosted a successful Primary Healthcare Sharing Session on July 18, 2023. The event was attended by over 60 representatives from HKAPI member companies, affiliate member companies, and associate member companies. Attendees included pharmaceutical companies’ market access teams, public policy teams, business unit directors, primary care product specialists, as well as distributors, and diagnostic companies.
The event began with a welcome from Primary Healthcare Task Force sponsor Ms. Kara Cheung, followed by briefings from task force members on recent primary healthcare developments and important policy changes, particularly the Chronic Disease Co-Care Pilot Scheme. Task force members highlighted key policy changes and their potential impact on the pharma industry.
Following the briefings, attendees were split into five groups to start group discussions on important elements of the Chronic Disease Co-Care Scheme. The discussions were productive, and attendees provided valuable suggestions to enhance the scheme, such as how to promote the scheme to Hong Kong citizens, and how the pharma industry could help support the success of the scheme.
Task force sponsor Phoebe Mo concluded the session by thanking HKAPI members for attending the sharing session. HKAPI is committed to providing valuable opportunities for its members to network and stay informed on the latest trends and developments in primary healthcare. The Association will continue to discuss with government stakeholders to reflect the industry’s views on primary healthcare related policy.
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