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HKAPO Patient Roundtable

The HKAPI co-organized the Patient Roundtable with the Hong Kong Alliance of Patients’ Organizations (HKAPO) on 11 December afternoon. 

Around 80 patient leaders, patients and their families from more than 30 patient groups under the HKAPO joined the Roundtable. Mr Yuen Siu Lam, Chairman of the HKAPO delivered his welcome address, followed by Ms Sabrina Chan, Senior Executive Director of the HKAPI.

Mr Yuen Siu Lam, Chairman of the Hong Kong Alliance of Patients' Organizations
More than 20 patients joined the Roundtable physically. Other participants joined online,

The Roundtable started with the briefing from the HA representatives on the application of the Samartian Fund and the Community Care Fund. Mr CHAN Hiu-fung Dexter, Social Work Officer (Allied Health / Medical Fee Assistance), Medical Fee Assistance Section, Hospital Authority, introduced the application procedures and key concerns during the application. Ms YIM Kin-yan Edith, Department Manager (Medical Social Services),  Ruttonjee & Tang Shiu Kin Hospitals then explained with case studies to demonstrate the financial assessment mechanisms.

Mr Dexter Chan briefed patients on the application of the Safety Net drug subsidy.
Ms Edith Yim explained the financial assessment of Samaritan Fund & Community Care Fund.

After the Q&A session, Dr Marcus Chiu from the City University of Hong Kong facilitated a roundtable discussion with Mr Wong from Hong Kong Ankylosing Spondylitis Association, Mr Benjamin Kwong, a veteran pharmacist, and Ms Sui Wong, a representative from the Affordability Task Force, HKAPI.

(Left) Dr Marcus Chiu facilitated the roundtable discussion with Mr Wong, Mr Benjamin Kwong, and Ms Sui Wong

Mr Wong shared his experience in applying for the Samaritan Fund and the difficulties he faced during the application procedures. Mr Kwong and Ms Wong shared the policy of drug enlistment criteria of the Samaritan Fund and Community Care Fund. The speakers shared their views on how to improve the current drug subsidy system.

Patient Representatives actively participated at the Q&A session.
Ms Sabrina Chan, Senior Executive of HKAPI, thanked all the participants for supporting the roundtable.

Ms Sabrina Chan hoped the discussion could serve as a platform for stakeholders to share their views on patient empowerment, which ultimately helps improve medical services in Hong Kong. 

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