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Mission Statement

To drive expedient access to innovative healthcare solutions for the people of Hong Kong and Macau with high ethical standards

Formed in 1968, The Hong Kong Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry has 32 Full Members and 4 Affiliate Members, including the world’s top 20 companies engaged in the research and development of pharmaceuticals. Our member companies provide over 70% of the prescription medicines in Hong Kong.

Updating members with important information in the local pharmaceutical market, the Association aims to improve the overall well-being of Hong Kong people by making recommendations on healthcare policies, as well as the relationship among our member companies, the government and the community.

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The Hong Kong Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the earliest associations in the world formed by Research & Development-based pharma companies. Through these years, the Association has been working with different Bureaux and departments of the government, professional associations, academics and patient groups, consistently providing expert views across the entire spectrum of healthcare matters including healthcare system reform, research and development as well as patient empowerment. 


HKAPI produced its first paper on healthcare reform in 1999. And over the years we have provided insight and commentary on a host of issues, including a series of papers on primary healthcare, cancer strategy, and the affordability of drugs for rare diseases and cancer patients. The Association continues to work with the HA to improve the access and affordability of medicines for patients in need. 

People Development

In 1977, HKAPI launched a series of industry training programmes to improve the standard of medical representation. In the 1980s, recognizing the need to further raise standards for ethical promotion and education by the industry, the HKAPI expanded the education courses and launched the first comprehensive series of Medical Representatives’ Training Programs for people and professional development. 

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Years of People Development

Code training workshops are held every year by the Ethics & Compliance Task Force

Code of Practice

The Association’s implementation of the Code of Practice is a key pharmaceutical industry benchmark within the region. In 1970, HKAPI and its members adopted the first edition of the Code of Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices, developed in accordance with internationally defined standards. Revised every two years, the 21st edition was rolled out in 2022 and Code training workshops are held every year. 

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