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HKAPI Bowling Cup 2024

The long-awaited HKAPI Bowing Cup 2024 was held last Friday (January 26, 2024).  Twenty-one teams with over 200 members came together for an evening friending competition and camaraderie.  After a lengthy hiatus due to COVID-19, it was a triumph in bringing our industry together at Whampoa.

Laughter filled the lanes as colleagues turned rivals for the night, families cheered from the sidelines, and memories were made over strikes, spares, and maybe a few gutter balls. Though only a select few could claim the coveted title of champion, everyone left with smiles and excitement, reconnecting over a beloved pastime. 

Mr Derek Chang presents the Team Champion trophy to MSD team
Team 1st runner-up - Baxter team
Team 2nd Runner-up - Eli Lilly team.

Here are the team’s returns with the title and glory of a winner. They are…

Team Division:
Champion – MSD
1st Runner-up – Baxter
2nd Runner-up – Eli Lilly


Men Division:
Champion – Jonan Kwong (MSD)
1st Runner-up – Kelvin Chow    (Roche Diagnostics)
2nd Runner-up –  MingFai Lee (Baxter)


Women Division:
Champion – Tracy Ng (DCH Auriga)
1st Runner-up – Carol Wong (Baxter)
2nd Runner-up – Norris Mak (MSD)


Congratulations to all winners and thank you for your support. We hope all of you had a great night and we look forward to seeing you next year.

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