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Macao Sharing Session

The first-ever quarterly Macao Sharing Session was very well received, with over 110 attendees from member companies.

The three-hour long sharing session that took place at the Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong in Wanchai featured four hot topics that have long been of many members’ concern, i.e. new regulatory requirements and insights on new chemical entity (NCE) submissions in Macao, new Macao outpatient dispensing (OPD) system, tendering system of the Macao Government Hospital, as well as how to legally work in Macao. Each presentation was followed by a Q&A; section that had provided members with opportunities for in-depth and focused practical exchange with frontline colleagues in Macao.

The quarterly update session is believed to continue to serve as a valuable platform for members to understand and stay informed of the latest market environment in Macao.

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