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Over 20 CEOs and directors from our member companies joined the 2nd CEO Meeting of the term (2022-24) held online on 9 November 2022.

本會會長Raj Bhatti先生歡迎各會員抽空參與會議,他於會議之初向會員簡介了董事會就本會未來發展制定的策略;本會副會長黃國佳先生隨即闡述本年度各個工作小組的組織架構。 Raj Bhatti先生, President of HKAPI, shared the Association’s direction and ways of working, followed by Policy Address highlights by Ms Sabrina Chan, Senior Executive Director of HKAPI.

Board members, who are also task force sponsors, then share the strategic objectives, endpoints and latest progress of the Patient Journey Navigation Task Force, the Primary Healthcare Task Force, the Partnering for Hong Kong Medical Advancement Task Force, as well as the GBA Task Force. Our members shared their feedback and suggestions on the task forces’ action plan.

Last but not least, 黃國佳先生, Vice-President of HKAPI, wrapped up the meeting by sharing the HKAPI’s imperatives:

  • More collaboration and representing for our industry, and the eco-system;
  • More people especially patients are effectively supported and cared;
  • More agile mindset for patients to access medicines and therapeutics, and
  • More leveraging by members on the uniqueness of Hong Kong and beyond.

The CEO Meeting is held exclusively for CEOs and managing directors of the HKAPI Full Members and Affiliate Members. The meeting presentation is now available in the Member’s Area.

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