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GBA Sharing Session: Experience of importing HK-registered drugs and medical devices in GBA; Expectation and Preparation of the expanded phase

一月 10, 2022 @ 2:30 下午 - 5:00 下午

[Speakers and Language updated]

Webinar topics and speakers:

  • The newly announced designated healthcare institution: preparation and expectation in importing HK-registered drugs and medical devices to the GBA – Dr. Michael Li, Pharmacy Manager, Guangzhou United Family Hospital
  • Medical Insurance in the Greater Bay Area – Ms Jamie Zuo, Executive Chairman, Greater Bay Area Healthcare Association
  • Distributor’s role and Experience Sharing – Ms Huo Peiqiong, General Manager, China Resources Guangdong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • Expectation for further expansion of the measure of using HK/Macau-registered drugs in GBA, and healthcare services development in GBA – Mr Felix Lee, President & CEO of UMP Healthcare China Limited

Language: Mandarin*

Fee: HKD 780

Target Audience: Members Only

Please contact Ms Catherine Chau for RSVP.


一月 10, 2022
2:30 下午 - 5:00 下午
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2528 3061
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