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Training Materials

Training Materials Date Title 5/2/2021 Linklaters – Hong Kong Competition Law Update 9/12/2020 Macao Sharing Session 2020 20/11/2020 MIMS physician digital behaviours survey : APAC insights in the time of […]
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HKAPI Member Resources

Member Resources Date Title 24/3/2021 The 53rd AGM – Report from the Board 2/3/2021 Who’s who Directory (last updated: March 2021) 12/6/2020 CEO Meeting 2020 2/4/2020 HKAPI Constitution 2020 2/4/2020 […]
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Code of Practice

Code of Practice Date Title 4/11/2020 HKAPI Virtual Engagement Guidance (Annexed) 4/11/2020 FAQ – Guidance on Virtual Engagement with Health Care Professionals 20/3/2020 Code Of Practice Committee (CPC) Verdict on […]
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Market Access

Market Access Date Title 9/12/2020 Macao Sharing Session 2020 5/10/2020 GS1 DataMatrix Guideline (Last Updated 5-10-2020) (Provided by GS1 Healthcare) 13/8/2020 Access to Hong Kong COVID-19 Treatments 2/7/2020 Membership of […]
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Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Date Title 18/11/2020 Guidance on Virtual Engagements with Health Care Professionals 2/9/2020 Meeting schedule of the Pharmacy and Poisons (Registration of Pharmaceutical Products and Substances: Certification of Clinical Trial/Medicinal […]
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