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There are two classes of membership of the Association:

  1. Full membership: international corporate bodies established in Hong Kong or with affiliates established in Hong Kong and engaged in research and/or the development of pharmaceuticals. Should such a company also manufacture, it must do so in accordance with good manufacturing practice and quality control.
  2. Associate membership: persons, firms or companies engaged in providing services to the pharmaceutical industry. Associate members shall not have the right to vote at meetings of the Association, nor be entitled to any services provided to full members, nor be eligible for election to the Board. Associate members may be invited by the Board to attend functions of the Association, to serve on committees and/or ad hoc groups for a specific purpose.

Annual Subscription Fee

  • Full members : based on a sliding scale of their sales revenue
  • Associate members : please click for details
  • Academics and NGOs : Waived

Each full member is entitled to have one vote.  As of January 2022, there are 33 full members, 36 Associate members and 5 NGO members.

Full Members

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