Year Title Event Calendar
2019 HKAPI Members' Event Calendar Go to Calendar
2019 3rd Macao Joint Seminar  
2019 Precision Medicine Seminar Series  
2018 Drug Office/HKAPI Joint Seminar  
2018 Code of Practice Train-the-trainers Workshop  
2018-2019 1st Macao Medical Representatives’ Training Programme  
2018 UMAO Training  
2018 Joint Macao Seminar  
2018 HKAPI Hong Kong Medical Representatives' Training Programme  
2018 Regulatory Training Course 4 (Pharmacovigilance)  
2017 Regulatory Training Course 6 (Clinical Trial)  
2017 Market Access Workshop  
2017 Code of Practice Train-the-trainer Workshop  
2017 Joint Macao Seminar  
2017 Going beyond the pill: how the pharmaceutical industry can improve healthcare outcomes through PPP’s (pdf format)  
2016-2017 Regulatory Training Programme (pdf format)  
2017 HKAPI Medical Representatives’ Training Programme (pdf format)